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Synthetic Turf Tee Lines

While natural grass tee lines can quickly become beat up with divots and bare spots, Turf 4 Sports can provide your facility with a synthetic turf tee line solution that stands up to consistent use, while retaining the look, feel and performance of natural grass.

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Year-Round Performance

Turf 4 Sports artificial turf tee lines deliver a clean, consistent, low-maintenance surface that lasts for years to come. The team will work with you to select the right tee line turf system that both you and your members will love.

  • Reliable in all climates
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Less downtime due to weather or maintenance
  • Can last up to 8 years with proper care
  • 5 year UV warranty and 1 year wear warranty
  • Custom designed to fit your facility and needs
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Turf Styles

Ultimate Tee

With 110 oz. of nylon fiber, this dense, natural-feeling surface lets you use real tees and provides realistic feedback on every shot. 


Champion Tee

Built with a similar density but with lower-cost polypropylene fiber, this tee material provides realistic feel in any season and will hold a tee. 

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Continuous Tee Line

  • Ultimate Tee for the most forgiving feel
  • Champion Tee for the best durability
  • Allows you to set the tee line anywhere
  • Clean, simple look
  • Can be cut at any length with suggested widths of 7½' or 5'
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Replaceable Hitting Strip Station

  • Ultimate Tee hitting strips and nylon stance mat
  • Creates clearly defined hitting stations
  • Stance mats provide the most stable platform available in synthetic turf
  • Most economical option
  • Hitting strips can be replaced easily and affordably
  • Double the life of your tee line with 2" hitting strips
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Ultimate Tee Mats with First Cut Surround

  • Ultimate Tee 5'x5' hitting mats with Superlawn 1st Cut border
  • Clearly defined hitting stations for uniformity in daily set up
  • Easily rotated to maximize the life & quality of hitting area
  • Easily rotated to maximize the life & quality of hitting area  
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