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Short Game Greens

The Turf 4 Sports' Short Game Green represents the evolution of the synthetic golf green. It brings the look and feel of a championship-caliber golf green to your backyard. With the performance of a natural bent grass putting surface, Turf 4 Sports Short Game Greens provide the golfer with the ability to improve every aspect of his/her short game with minimum maintenance and maximum convenience.

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The Short Game Green System

To simulate the look, feel and performance of a natural grass golf green, Turf 4 Sports utilizes innovative synthetic turf made with fibrillated polypropylene fibers and Turf 4 Sports’ proprietary RQS™ Infill System. This advanced technology, combined with Turf 4 Sports certified installation process, allows our team to design and install short game greens that accept pitches and chips like a natural grass green.

Turf 4 Sports Short Game Greens:

  • Mimics the performance of natural grass greens for chips and pitch shots
  • Provide a smooth, consistent putting surface with true ball roll
  • Customizable surface speeds
  • Require virtually no maintenance


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Realistic Feel and Performance

Unlike most artificial surfaces, a Turf 4 Sports Short Game Green will actually hold a shot, just like a natural bent grass putting green. When chipping onto the green, the ball will check up. With backspin, you can even make a ball stop or back up. 

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Consistent and Customizable Surface Speed

Turf 4 Sports Short Game Greens simulate the performance of bent grass greens, meaning that the ball rolls at a true and even pace throughout the entire green. Turf 4 Sports can also work with you to customize the green speeds to match your home course, a championship-caliber green, or to your own preference. 

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Virtually Maintenance Free

Turf 4 Sports Short Game Greens require no daily maintenance, allowing you to spend more time perfecting your short game. For optimal performance, we recommend keeping the green clear of debris with a leaf blower or Electric Power Broom as need. Annual maintenance can include brushing, adding new top dressing and rolling the green.

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Professional Installation

When you work with Turf 4 Sports , you benefit from our years of experience in designing and installing tour-quality putting greens. Your new Turf 4 Sports Short Game Green will be built to your specifications to satisfy both your aesthetic and practice needs.

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