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Artificial Grass Par 3 Greens

For a full golf course experience, Turf 4 Sports designs and installs Par 3 Greens for residential and commercial applications. Our Par 3 Greens replicate the performance of bent grass putting greens, even when receiving shots from 200+ yards, for a natural ball reaction and roll. Best of all, Turf 4 Sports Par 3 Greens are exceptionally easy and inexpensive to maintain - unlike traditional natural grass putting greens.

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The Par 3 Greens System

Turf 4 Sports Par 3 Greens use an innovative synthetic turf manufactured from fibers specifically engineered to simulate the softness, texture, density, and color of natural bent grass. Paired with our proprietary RQS™ Infill System, the Turf 4 Sports Par 3 Green provides natural ball reaction and roll that is unmatched by other synthetic and artificial turf putting greens on the market.

Turf 4 Sports Par 3 Greens:

  • Realistically receives shots from any distance
  • Provides true, consistent ball roll
  • Customizable surface speeds
  • Artificial Turf requires virtually no maintenance - saving you time and money

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Master Every Aspect of Your Game

Our artificial grass Par 3 Greens allow full shots from 200+ yards, with the natural reaction and ball spin of a bent grass green. With well struck shots, the ball will actually check-up, allowing you to perfectly dial in your irons. 

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Consistent & Customizable Surface Speeds

Turf 4 Sports Par 3 Greens utilize the same RQS infill system featured in our Outdoor Putting Green and Short Game Green systems. We’ll work with you to customize your artificial putting green to match your speed specifications. 

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Low Maintenance Artificial Green Systems

Our Par 3 Greens require little to no daily maintenance, which makes it the perfect solution to the residential owner or a commercial facility looking to save on upkeep costs without sacrificing performance. For optimal performance, we recommend keeping the green clear of debris with a leaf blower or Electric Power Broom as need. Annual maintenance can include brushing, adding new top dressing and rolling the green.

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Professional Installation

When you work with Turf 4 Sports, you benefit from our years of experience in designing and installing tour-quality putting greens. Your new Turf 4 Sports Short Game Green will be built to your specifications to satisfy both your aesthetic and practice needs.

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